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Global Classroom is based on the philosophical framework for education conceptualized by Dr Sunita Gandhi, PhD, Cambridge University, UK, President and Co-Founder, Council for Global Education, USA.

Global Classroom is supported by a broad base of research and the rigorous exploration of education systems around the world as conducted by Dr Sunita Gandhi during her visits to 38 countries.

Global Classroom is backed by her family's know-how of running the world’s largest school which is Guinness World Record holder, City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow. CMS is also the world’s sole school recipient of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

Global Classroom curriculum has been perfected since 2000 with a multi-year trial in three countries: Iceland, UK and India. The study materials in the Global Classroom programme, such as the MAXIM Classbooks and the Sure Success Series, have been used by over 1000 schools nationwide in India over the last four years.

Global Classroom curriculum has been developed with the help of over 200 educators from across the globe.

Global Classroom has a research and development team consisting of people from four different continents and from various backgrounds with a broad knowledge base, which keeps the programme updated with the latest developments taking place around the globe.

Global Classroom has the world's first assessments which are based on the premise of 'Compete with Yourself'. Global Classroom assessments are unique in the world for their design and implication for the individual child. Going beyond assessments for learning, Global Classroom assessments inspire and empower every child.

Are our children learning for life, not just exams?

Beyond 'books' to a 'rounded curriculum'.

A curriculum that puts emphasis on process over product and outcome as every child's confidence

Global Classroom puts greatest emphasis on progress of every child.

  • Study materials are studentcentric
  • Assessments are based on the principle of 'Compete with yourself'
  • Reports provide information by which children can compete with themselves

Global Classroom curriculum is guided by vision and informed by worldwide research and evidence.This leads to greater progress.

  • Progress is not assumed. It is measured, documented and celebrated
  • Schools collect their own evidence
  • Global Classroom guarantees results

Global Classroom views education as an integral whole. It, therefore, works on transformation at all levels: child, home and school.

  • hildren learn more and they enjoy learning by themselves
  • Parents become better informed partners
  • Teachers become more creative, motivated and inspired
  • Management is more satisfied
  • Transformation is real and measurable

Global Classroom Advantage:

  • Started by educators
  • Shaped in real classrooms
  • Guided by vision
  • Grounded through research and evidence


3D modelling technology will help your child to create and see everything that he/ she imagines. 3D lab integrates all the subjects and help the young minds to become the next creative thinkers and problem solvers.


Jupsoft eConnect K12 is an integrated and comprehensive platform for educational institutions to manage their complete IT solutions and communication between stakeholders. It is a software designed especially for institutions from Kindergarten to 12th to enable systematic, efficient and smooth day-to-day functioning. It caters all board of schools like CBSE, ICSE, IB, fulfilling their compliance.

The user-friendly School ERP comes with login access for teachers, administrators, students, parents and management of the school. This paperless automation solution eliminates repeated data entry and helps institutions to work smart and focus on what they do best – impart education!

It helps the management in executing proper control on the functioning of an Institution, take better informed decisions and enhance the image of the institution. It takes care of all institution management processes and requirements, right from admission to alumni…

Value Proposition for Parents and Students

  • Effective communication with minimum response time
  • Active participation in school activities
  • Activity calendar, circulars, assignments, class test marks, transport details, time table, syllabus, birthdays of classmates and teachers & question bank can be viewed and downloaded online
  • Online leave application facility with acceptance or rejection alerts
  • Parents and students profile can be updated and edited with permission from admin
  • Access to list of books in the library and e-books in the portal.
  • Payment of fees, statement of fees and online receipt
  • Online report card and graphical analysis of a student
  • SMS and email alerts for events
  • Access to educational resources
  • Child’s safety through GPS tracking


WizeFloor is an award-winning interactive floor especially targeted at children from 3 to 12 years of age and special needs.

It promotes collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity. From a projector in the ceiling, different learning games and exercises are projected onto the floor and the children use their body as input device. Multiple children can use the system at the same time and the games are designed in a way that encourages collaboration and discussion.

It is very easy for both adults and children to create new learning games and exercises using the included software.

The product builds upon almost nine years of research and product development at Aarhus University and the Alexandra Institute in Denmark. Throughout the entire process, Danish schools and day care centres have contributed significantly to the development of the product. The product has received a Red Dot Design Award as "Best of the Best in Education" under the name Wisdom Well. It has also been nominated for a Bett Award in 2016 in the category "ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – non web-based".

Learning through movement and play has never been this fun and engaging.


On a personal level, WizeFloor contributes to self-knowledge. The children learn much about themselves while playing or working with the different applications. For instance, they learn how to deal with winning or losing in a game with other children.

The children also become aware of their preferred learning style. By playing the different games, they quickly acknowledge which kinds of games they like and consequently learn the most from it thermore, their ability to read aloud is increased, because they naturally read the questions, comments or assignments aloud – either together or individually.

On the social level the children discover much about how they behave in a group. How they communicate with other children, and how they work together. They also deal with teamwork, taking turns and how they help one another and so forth. WizeFloor thus adds a social frame in which the children learn to behave accordingly – they gain knowledge of some of the most common social rules in society.

Finally, the adults have noticed that the children become more creative and learn how to think in many different ways while playing on WizeFloor. For example, they invent and agree on their own rules for the exercises and how to play them.


Thinnk ware is a pioneer and promoter of Robotics and embedded system technology in India. They are already manufacturing Robotics kits & parts for higher education and provide services to various universities PAN India like IITs, NITs & other deemed universities with vast experience, Thinnk ware team has developed innovative educational robotics products for Schools and introduced its most successful offering "MechanzO" during a successful launch at IIT Bombay on 6th Jan 2012. The Machanzo TM kit and concept was highly appreciated and accepted during showcase at IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur & IIT Delhi.




Applane Track is an integrated mobile app solution for parents that help them to keep a bird's eye view on the school buses during commutation to ensure safety and timely transit of students as they travel to school and back home. It also saves their time of waiting at the bus stop for long.


  • Real Time school bus tracking on mobile phones
  • Bus route optimization to reduce turnaround time, fuel consumption and expenses
  • Mogambo Screen®, that allows the transport manager to view live location of the entire fleet on a mobile screen or desktop.
  • RFID/CCTV Integration to keep a bird’s eye view on students and driver while they are en route
  • Real time notifications in case of speed limit violations, vehicle breakdown or other emergency situation.
  • Customized reports for the management related to bus timings, driving patterns or route taken by the driver to avoid illegitimate usage of transport system.


  • Allows parents to view the real time location of their kid’s school bus on their mobile
  • Peace of mind and reduced waiting time at bus stops everyday
  • Allows them to drop their kid to the next bus stop in case they miss the bus
  • Ensures safety and timely transit of students when they travel to school and back


EduSports works with schools to implement a best-in-class Physical Education & Sports programme. The programme is designed to offer the same rigor in sports and physical education as in academics. This ensures the children learn holistically through physical activity and sports in addition to helping children improve their health and fitness levels dramatically.

The EduSports programme is implemented through the SOAR™ platform- India's first integrated school sports and physical education platform. The EduSports SOAR™ platform has different modules specifically designed to address the critical needs of schools, physical education teachers, parents and children for a 360 degree high quality learning experience. The SOAR™ tools draw inspiration from globally accepted tools and standards- The curriculum is based on NASPE standards. The Assessment modules are based on FitnessGram methodology. These tools are adapted to suit Indian conditions.

EduSports will create a generation of healthier & fitter children equipped with key life-skills all through the magic of sports. EduSports programmes help create "Physically Educated" children while ensuring that all stakeholders (Schools, Parents & Policymakers) are involved in the process.

EduSports programmes are designed around the philosophy that structured physical activity & sports can be leveraged as a powerful teaching tool for experiential learning in a way which is visceral, engaging and fun for children.

The programme is based upon the core principles of :

  • Inclusiveness (Every child MUST play)
  • Age-Appropriateness (Right Skills at the Right Age)
  • All programmes are designed specifically to work in the local context. They can operate in limited spaces and actively engage large class sizes.


Firsthand learning is an initative of an alumni of Teach for India and Department of Physics, University of Delhi in the field of hands on STEM Education catering to school and colleges. A pioneer and leader in the space , it instils scientific temperament in school students through innovative program based on Experimental Learning Pedagogy.


School Cinema is a learning module on life-skills, values and attitudes, developed  through research and taught using short films and thought-provoking workbooks

School Cinema is a film-based module that makes learning lessons of life an entertaining experience. It reaffirms life skills & values and helps strengthen bonds between students, parents and educators through award-winning cinema and thought-provoking workbooks.

As a ground-breaking pedagogical experiment, School Cinema is making a difference in how school students are learning lessons of life.

Using cinematic storytelling, emotional connect and visual appeal, School Cinema addresses real life challenges. With class-appropriate modules and relevant themes, the My Cinema Book enables 3 levels of learning viz. awareness, understanding and action.


Cinema is a powerful medium. As an instructional medium, it unifies learning and entertainment, and also captures student interest and highlights issues closer to us. It is as much ground-breaking as creative.

School Cinema began with the idea to replace existing Life Skills-based curriculum with an engaging and enlightening system of learning. As an entertaining tool, it serves to expand multicultural awareness and life avenues in children.

School Cinema is developed through research and is supported by an interactive workbook, designed to introduce and reaffirm life skills and values to children, parents and educators.


Introduction of Univariety

Univariety specialises in the field of university planning and counselling. It is a part of Singapore based ‘International Education Gateway’ that also has operations in UK and India. Over the last 10 years, our team of counsellors have assisted a large number of students through their higher education choices and have helped them in successfully applying to colleges of their choice.

Purpose and services

We work with senior school students who are in process of evaluating higher study options. We have found that for a number students and parents, this process can be very confusing and this confusion is justified on account of several reasons. Our aim is to be a one-stop shop and help students throughout this process. The team of counsellors at Univariety, mentors senior school students and helps them in the following six stages of the college admission process:

  • Course identification – Given the interests and strengths of the student, which courses should he/she apply to
  • College identification – Creation of an ‘Ideal List’ of colleges to apply to which consists of ‘Aspiration’, ‘Best Fit’ and ‘Safe’ Colleges. Safe colleges serve as a strong backup if students are unable to get admission in the top colleges
  • Application Preparation – Guidance on admission criteria & process, tests required and how best to prepare
  • Preparation Assessment – Assess current preparation level and devise plans to fill gaps
  • Applications or Re-visit– Guidance on the application filling and discussions around revisiting any basic thought
  • Post Admission Support - Guidance on finance, scholarships, pre-joining preparation and advisory on selecting final college to apply to among the list of options available

Univariety will run a structured and defined programme to enable students achieve their aim in higher education. This programme comprises of physical in-school workshops, counsellor access system and access to our online portal. We will conduct three student workshops for students in class 11 and three for students of class 12. Parental involvement is welcome in these workshops. Along with these workshops, Univariety will provide continuous access to expert counsellors so that students can ask additional questions even after the school hours. Students will also get access to the proprietary information portal of Univariety.

Univariety is a completely independent enabler in the process of higher education selection and is not an influencer. We are unbiased and have no monetary or other incentives associated with one institute over the other. We only evaluate suitability of options given the students objectives. Over the years, our team of counsellors have guided thousands of students from all over the country and with varied backgrounds to realise the best suited study options across multiple countries and over two thousand colleges. We offer our services only through the school and work with teachers and parents to realise the best outcome for our students.

By providing this much needed service, we hope to help your students take the right first step on the journey to realise their true potential. An old Chinese proverb says that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step”. This step should be taken in the right direction with complete clarity and proper guidance and most importantly, with much lesser anxiety. We hope that you appreciate our initiative and we look forward to hearing your comments about this service which has already been implemented in several progressive schools.


Extramarks - for Easy and Effective Learning

Extramarks offers curriculum mapped learning solutions for K-12 learners. Extramarks’ unique digital learning solutions are extensively used by more than 7500 schools across the country. Creating a Total Learning environment, with three pronged approach of Learn, Practice and Test,even the most complicated concepts are explained with ease through rich interactive multimedia platforms. This includes engaging lessons,2D/3D animations, Interactive assessments, Test sessions, Practice tools and much more. 

Features :

  • Study material mapped with school curriculum
  • Three-pronged approach of Learn, Practice and Test
  • Game-based and interactive learning material for junior learners
  • Interactive multimedia modules

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