Vanasthali Public School was formally established in 1978 under the able guidance of Founder Chairman Sh.O.P. Jain. The school aims to provide high quality educational environment giving its learners a cutting edge with 3 A's- Ability, Achievement and Appreciation which goes hand-in- hand meeting the on- going demands of the world over. We prepare leaders for future with a insightful vision and a compassionate sensibility.

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Pre-Primary Department

We understand how parents have to put their heart out when they send their child to school. They have high aspirations for their child. At VPS, we believe in providing a home ...

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Primary Department

We nurture the dream of setting up an institution of academic. The founder Chairman Mr. O.P Jain envisages a quality school system which would strike a ...

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Middle Department

We understand the Child progression from junior to the middle department forms the basis of his coming years ...

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Senior Department

“EXCELLENCE THROUGH CONTINUOUS LEARNING” We understand that multifariousness education options can create confusions ...

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Director’s Message

Ankur Jain (Director)

“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”

The best thing about my school is that questions itself and always looks for the better way to do things, finding its way to modern curriculum, astute teaching practices and sensible policies.

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From Principal's Desk

Shashi Jain (Principal)

“The great aim of education is not Knowledge but action.”

As I look back over the last more than 3 decades I am possessed by a great feeling of satisfaction to witness that Vanasthali Public School which began its life as a sapling has spread its branches and dug firm roots akin to a banyan tree...

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Happy Birthday


Vanasthali Public School, Sector - 3, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. 0120-4111062, 011 - 22456133 | vpsvasundhara@gmail.com

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